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  • Mindfulness Skills Level 2

    In our introductory course, Mindfulness Skills For A Balanced Life, you learned how to manage stress and strong emotions, and you experienced what it was like to let go of judgments and to observe your thoughts instead of running away with them. This allowed you to gain a perspective of observing, rather than being your … Continue reading Mindfulness Skills Level 2

  • Playing To Your Strengths

    It was such a beautiful day that I decided to finish planting vegies on my patio. As many of you know, I have some physical challenges due to past injuries and suffer chronic pain almost every day. But what I find interesting is how the heavy labour of gardening: shopping for pots, soil and plants, … Continue reading Playing To Your Strengths

  • Coping With Change

    Change can be tough. Most of us are creatures of habit, and in many ways, the older we get the more so we become. Change can come in good or bad guise, but often its not the event itself so much as our response to the change that causes us pain. The fact is that … Continue reading Coping With Change