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If You Can’t Sit, Walk

When thinking about meditation, most people envisage someone crossed legged on the floor, completely still and calm. Often it’s this image that puts people off learning, as they say “I could never sit still that long” or “I can’t sit comfortably on the floor”, or “I need to move when I’m stressed”.

Traditionally, this is the pose. However in a western lifestyle it’s often more practical (and more comfortable) to sit on a chair. There’s a balance, though, between being comfortable enough to be able to focus the attention on the breath,  but not so comfortable as to fall asleep.

Furthermore, you don’t have to be sitting at all. One can meditate standing up, lying down, sitting, walking. Really, as meditation is a mental process, it’s more important what you do with your mind than with your body. So if you’re splitting your attention, say between thoughts, sensations, sounds, sights, etc, as you may do if you go for a normal walk, a walking meditation is completely focused on only 1 part of the body. This is usually the feet, but can be the breath.

I’ve creating this brief video to help you better understand what is a walking meditation.

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