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MCA provides bespoke coaching services for businesses. From Start-ups to large Corporates, MCA has a tailored solution to suit.


You own or manage a business and you’re worried that you may not be getting all you can from your team. Perhaps there are some strong personalities who don’t get on and affect the balance of the team as a whole? Our team cohesion training combines the practice of Mindfulness with the Science of Positive Psychology.

Mindfulness will grow your team's self-awareness whilst Positive Psychology will help them recognise their own and each other's strengths. We will teach your team how to engage with what is best in each person and situation and become more solution-focused. This program has been known to facilitate a complete culture change when all levels of the organisation engage with it, creating a language of positivity and strength within teams.



Reduce personal stress
Manage strong emotions appropriately
Identify their own and others’ strengths
Notice and focus on the best qualities in themselves and others
Understand how to bring out the best in colleagues
Feel happier in the workplace
(studies show that happy employees work harder, stay longer and are more focused on task)


What others have said

Judith's exceptional value is the diversity of skilled solutions in her 'toolkit', her capacity to listen and then expertly delve into her professional resource 'kit' to work with individuals and team in building resilience and positive mindset. She has a deep knowledge of mindfulness practice and applying it to personal and work-life balance. JEAN FAGAN, BOARD CHAIR AND PRINCIPAL, HARDYGROUP INTERNATIONAL
I hired Judith as a corporate trainer to run a workshop for a group of colleagues addressing the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in assisting with work/life balance, minimising project stress and improving client stakeholder communications. The feedback from participants was very positive. What impressed me most was the fact that Judith's approach is based on sound science. She was able to point to published research (in addition to her personal experience) to support recommended practices and behaviours, which allowed me to explore the subjects further and refine my thinking and approaches. JEAN FAGAN, BOARD CHAIR AND PRINCIPAL, HARDYGROUP INTERNATIONAL


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