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  • Increasing Your Positivity

    I’m fortunate to live in one of Sydney’s leafy suburbs, surrounded by a variety of different trees and bushes. And where there are trees, there is wildlife. This morning a dozen or more rainbow lorikeets were flying and chattering outside my bedroom, showing off their beautiful plumage and enjoying the nectar of the flowering bushes. … Continue reading Increasing Your Positivity

  • How Gratitude Can Improve Your Physical & Mental Health

    There’s a lot of talk in the popular press about expressing gratitude – it’s almost become the next buzz word after “Be Mindful”! But what does it actually mean? This week, I’d like to discuss some of the science behind what gratitude is and what it does for us. Studies over the past two decades … Continue reading How Gratitude Can Improve Your Physical & Mental Health

  • Friendship

    This past week has been, for me, one with much gratitude, mostly due to friendships. So I became curious about where the word friendship came from. Through our mutual friend Mr Google, I discovered that the word friend comes from the Old English word freond meaning “one attached to another by feelings of affection or … Continue reading Friendship